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The first Australian Derby was run in 1861 when it was won by Kyogle. The Australian Derby was originally part of the Sydney Spring Racing carnival, but changed seasons in 1979 to make it an autumn race. As the race has set-weight conditions, it meant the quality gallopers are given…


History of Horse and racing:

If one digs into the history of the sport of horse racing, they would come up with the facts and figures that horse racing is one of the oldest sports known to humankind. Since the time when horses were domesticated, man and horse have had a special relationship and it has carried to today. Horses are now often used for entertainment or farming and of course racing purposes, but still horses are one of the best friends a person could ever come across.

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Australian Jockey:

Without any doubt, the trainer is the person who oversees the training of the horse, sets its mood and trains them for the racetrack. It is the jockey who leads them in, urges them on and finally finishes the race with the horse. A good race horse is always paired with a good jockey, an exceptional race horse with superb jockeys, they complement each other.

Australia is a country where racing is taken seriously especially the Victoria Carnival and the Melbourne Cup. Every trainer, owner and jockey in the country strives for that cup if not bigger. Australian Jockeys are very famous around the world, be they men or women, and over the years Australia has produced world class horses as well as jockeys. Usually, the jockeys are self employed and are recommended by the horse trainers to ride in the races for a specific fee, which is apart from the price money.

In Australia, novice jockeys are employed by the trainers until they reach the level of fully fledged jockey after which they freelance. Women Jockeys were not allowed at first, except in ladies events, but an Australian jockey by the name of Bill Smith became very famous and was later found to be a woman. As such, after that, the rules were slackened and women were allowed to race in formal events and races as well.

Horse Racing Origins

Although the first records of horse racing have been found in Roman times, as well as the Greek saddle races, it is very much possible that horse racing took place years before that. The professional and modern version of the sport came much later in history. It all started with the English Knights who had embarked on Crusades in the 12th century and on their way back they thought to bring along the horses from kingdoms afar, horses which were thought to be superior to their own. These horses were then crossbred with English mares and produced a new breed, the thoroughbred. After that the new mode of racing took shape, single or group races and horse breeding also continued its course. The next centuries saw many changes amongst which was the fact that horse racing was taken up by the Kings and the commoners were only allowed to watch from afar.

This continued for hundreds of years but finally in the 18th century this trend was abolished, masses were given this sport, new races especially the classics took shape, race courses were constructed all over the country, betting became a norm of the game, and the Jockey club and Association developed which monitored the game and the breeding.

Journey from England:

The fame of this sport reached new heights in England, it was thoroughly enjoyed by hundreds of people, they liked watching as well as wagering on the races, but the popularity and the sport did not remain confined to England in the least, it spread far and wide reaching Australia first where it has gained momentous fame and importance over the years. New Zealand, France and South Africa also introduced the sport in their country as did America where it has become the second most important and famous sport in all the States after Baseball. The journey of the sport is still ongoing, for it has reached Asia in recent times where it is becoming popular by the day and many international level events are held in Japan and Singapore.

Types and forms of Races:

Races have branched into many forms of which the thoroughbred races are the most famous, known as flat races they have been divided into three groups depending on their importance and standing. The races are run across dirt, grass or synthetic surfaces. The jump races or steeplechase as commonly known in Australia also fall into the category of thoroughbred racing, but they require for the horse and jockey to cross hurdles in shapes of hedges etc. Another well known and well liked type of horse race is the harness race, in Australia there are two branches of this race, the trotting and the pacing while in New Zealand these races go by the name of trotting only. The standard bred horses are especially bred and trained for these races, and they have to pull a two wheel carriage in the race. Further more there are the Quarter races which was introduced in Americas and has flourished there, the races being short but very swift. The last acclaimed race is the endurance racing in which the horses have to possess strength speed and spirit as well as endurance because the races could be of a distance of 100 miles.

The most important of the types of horse races are the stakes which have received the most acclaim over the years. These races have the highest prize money as well as the best horses and trainers. In the second place is the handicap race where the horse has to carry added weight along with the jockey. If the horse is more experienced or older then the weight increases. The maiden races are for horses that have not placed or ever won in recent events or races. The allowance races are for those horses who do not frequent the race tracks. Last but in no instance the least, the most common of the races are the claim race where the horse has a price while entering the course and it can be bought by other owners.

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